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The Argan oil is produced from the large Argan Nuts which are found in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The oil production process is performed according to an ancient preservation tradition that extracts a high concentration of the oil's acidity and various vitamins. The oil's acidity and vitamins are essential for hair and assist in softening, nourishing and rehabilitating the hair.


Argan oil is often referred to as a miracle product because of its extreme moisturising benefits for both hair and skin. Unlike other oils, Argan extracts don’t just temporarily mask dryness. The kernels contain vitamin E to restore each strand of hair and keep it moisturized long after use. At the same time, Argan oil helps to naturally restore the hair cuticle. This is made possible by the natural presence of antioxidants that directly reverse cellular damage.


Argan oil is also recommended for treating damaged hair.  Many of the products that we use to style our hair wear it down in the long run due to the harsh chemicals they contain.  Excessive colouring, bleaching or use of styling products can lead to dry, brittle hair.


Argan oil is high in vitamin E the oil is easily absorbed by the hair and scalp due to it being very light in weight.  Whereas other oils can be greasy and heavy, Argan oil easily bonds with the hair, giving damaged and brittle hair a healthy, non-greasy gloss. As the Argan oil penetrates the hair shafts, it moisturises and nourishes the hair, giving you stronger hair with more elasticity.  Moroccan oil makes frizzy hair look sleek and glamorous by smoothing the hair shafts.


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