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Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What are hair extensions?
A. Hair extensions are strands of hair that can be attached to your hair by means of fusion, strand by strand, weaving, braiding, bonding, seamless, clips and more which appears as if the hair is your own. Hair extensions are used to extend the length of hair, provide volume, or add highlights to your own hair. Human hair extensions can be cut, curled and styled.
Q. What does "Remy Hair" mean?
A. “Human Remy Hair” refers to the way the hair's cuticles run (from root to tip) most top quality extensions are “Remy Hair”. Cheap hair extensions made from non Remy hair meaning hair's cuticles will not run in the same direction.
Our Velvet Hair Extensions are made of top quality Remy Hair assuring extensions with the cuticles running in the same direction from root to tip. 

Q. Can hair extensions be cut?
A. Hair extensions can be cut and styled in almost any way like normal hair but it is advised that a professional hairdresser will do it.   
Q. What are the Hair Extensions made from?
A. We only sell VelvetHair made from 100% human Remy hair of the highest quality that is long lasting and tangle free, ensuring that you can enjoy your great hair extensions for many months to come!  
Q. Can I brush, use hairdryers, curling and straightening irons?
A. Absolutely, VelvetHair Extensions use only 100% Human hair so treat it like it is your own hair. You can wash every day, curl it, blow dry and have fun.
Q. How do I know what colour to choose?
A.  Select a colour that best suits your own hair by using our “Colour Chart”.
Our extensions made made to ensure they blend effortlessly into your own hair. If you are still undecided on colour choice, you can use our FREE colour matching service, whereby you send a photo of the hair colour you are looking for and we will make a recommendation on which colour we think would be the best for you.
Q. Can I shower and bathe with my extensions?
A. You can wash and style your extensions exactly as you would do with your own hair. If you swim it is recommended to wear a swimming cap.
Q. How are the hair extensions applied to natural hair?
A. Different methods as follows:
Pre bonded Hair by fusion - Applied with a special bonding iron, strand by strand in small sections.
VelvetHair Clip In -  are made of human Remy hair. You may clip these in and out yourself "Easy & Effective".
Micro Rings - with this method you use no glue, no heat, no remover and hair can be re-used. Your own hair is pulled through a small micro-ring using a "loop tool" then the pre tipped hair is put inside the ring and then it is squeezed tight with a special plier. The advantage is that they are very small and lie flat.
Tape on - Easy to do it yourself! The wefted part of the hair is made from a thin flat strip that is already pre taped and then applied to your natural hair. It lies flat to the head and no one knows you are wearing them. They are very comfortable to wear and easy to apply.
Q. How long can I leave my hair extensions in?
A. Depends on how fast your hair grows and also how you take care of your extensions. Typically one can leave them in for three to six months.